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Simple question for IR' Fans perhaps in English Simple question for IR' Fans perhaps in English

Topic started by AKBAR BASHA . S (@ on Tue Jul 24 05:57:26 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Of course I am not good in English.
Let me put in some other way.
"I just ask whether you people apprehend (perceive) Music of Ilaiyaraaja or just enjoying it."
I feel IR's Music is easily percevied worldwide than the compositions of others.
Some of the responses are apprehensive(fearful) in nature as the reveal the immaturity of persons responded.I don't know how they could apprehend music if they cannot apprehend that statement(perhaps in English) (no matter whether it contains mistakes).
My real intention of this question is to create an awareness of the CONTENT of music.
Composers compose music to convey a content and not just sound the instruments (inclusive of vocal & sythetic) for appealing aspects. Even the composer will not consciously feel the content every time. Most people don't bother if they misapprehend music. This is real great sore point in a world where Ilaiyaraaja was born.
If really interested in Music you please go through books like "The language of Music" by "Derecyk Cooke" (available at BCL).It would elucidate us to distinguish between a great composer and a bad composer.
Music uses metaphorical logic.
Please tend to understand atleast the Tone Paintings in Music.
Do you know I need to refrain from these kind of activities (browsing) to apprehend music as this is not a real nature of Ilaiyaraaja's fan.


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