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Tamil pop - What's the impact? Tamil pop - What's the impact?

Topic started by Ravi Raman (@ on Fri Mar 6 02:48:53 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


It was interesting to see so much discussion about
the Tamil film music. But I was just wondering if
the trend in Tamil Music is changing.

During my visit to India in January, I came to
know about this new cassette released by
Anuradha sriram. Unfortunately, I did not get a
chance to listen to it.

But there is this new trend of pop albums being
sold besides the sound track of movies. Earlier
music was either Soundtrack of a film/classical
music (at least that was how I saw it!!!) In
Hindi, "pop albums" are slowly gaining popularity
and I am sure it won't take long before it hits
Tamil too.

Just wondering if this is going to change the way
the next generation looks at music. Or for that
matter, even this generation. Any thoughts? Will
have an effect the Tamil Film Music as it is now?



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