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Topic started by Venkat Balasubramanian (@ on Thu Sep 28 09:05:56 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi Guys

Yesterday I spoke to one of the close asscoicate of Mastero Ilayaraja.As you all are well
aware that Mastero Ilayaraaja is about to Start a Music Foundation in friend would be
accociating in the committe that has been formed in the USA.I am also attaching the mail what i received from him.

"Dear Venkat

It was an interesting discussion we had on the mastero Ilayaraja today
evening. He is a genius and what he is doing through this project will leave
an indelible mark in the world of music and place India and more
specifically Chennai as a heartbeat center for music in the world.

He spoke to me at length yesterday about his project and his dream and I
would be associating in the comittee that is been formed in the USA to
support Ilayaraja's effort. He has promised to visit Boston next time and I
am sure all of us will get an opportunity to spend time with him.

Help for this project is going to be required in various forms - money,
time, effort and energy. We will be helping Ilayarajas foundation with all
of this. Do netowork amongst our friends in Boston, in course of time if we
can create a team of like minded people to help in this effort it will be

Best Regards

How are we guys going to asscoiate ourself in the project. & in what ways we are going help
mastero Ilayaraja.


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