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<b>Is this combination taking a BREAK or has it BROKEN-Please discuss.</b> Is this combination taking a BREAK or has it BROKEN-Please discuss.

Topic started by Fan (@ on Sat Jun 28 06:50:22 EDT 2003.
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The other day, lyricist, N Muthukumar in a private television channel told that he is working with ace director, Mani Ratnam's film. It has A R Rahman's music. The film is a Hindi and Tamil bi-lingual. It may be noted that Muthukumar has written lyrics for ARR in Balachander's PARTHALE PARAVASAM (1 song). Even Kapilan has written songs for Shankar's BOYS. So, has the A R Rahman and Vairamuthu come to an END??? The last they worked together was Mani Ratnam's KANNATHIL MUTHAMITTAL. It seems Vairamuthu demands huge salary and also says that he will write all the songs or none. This has given rise to many other talented young lyricists. Vauiramuthu has written the songs for Jeevas PEPSI, music by Harris Jayaraj.


"There are two things about him that others don't like - his huge salary and his insistence that he should write all the songs. Vairamuthu's songs do make the film successful, but there are lyricists who write for half the salary that he demands and their songs are becoming big hits too. So, they are getting more offers. And, he wants to write al the songs. If the filmmakers want to give one song to someone else, he angrily refuses the offer. That's why the whole industry is functioning without him nowadays."

"Yes, Madan. Its shocking that even Shankar has used new lyricists for his 'Boys'."

"But, Vairamuthu hasn't given up hope yet. "The toughest period was when I separated from Ilayaraaja. Now, my contribution will be more than before", he says to his friends. "

Will Vairamuthu and A R Rahman work again. Discuss.


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