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Does ARR copy?? Does ARR copy??

Topic started by boardsover (@ on Wed May 15 14:18:02 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

ARR is a great musician considering the extent to which he has revolutionised TFM.......but does he copy a lot??

But I personally know just a few songs which are lifted and it is of course every MD's right in TFM to copy........NOM to deva :-)

They are.....

1.Telephone Manipol, the beats part from All That She Wants

2.En Veettu thotathil........sum carnatic song??

3.Velli Malare in JODI.......from some song in Karnan??

4.Muqabla......those cool beats in the end not lifted but inspired from some english song

5.Sundari from KM.......i dunno abt this one....coz i heard extremely similar beats in The Drew Carry Show.....may be co-incidence

6.Manasukkul oru puyal from STAR.......these beats exactly same as i saw in a movie played on Star Movies.......i mean towards the end when the cast and crew are displayed.

7.Shakalakka Baby......i feel these beats are kinda similar to those in NFS 3......not sure though

8.KM from KM.......again in one particular place the music is similar to ( not much ) wat i heard in NFS 3

can any body add onto this list.........???

Please donot pull other MD's into this discussion and star sum sort of ARR vs IR war........i know tis too hard to resist but please do :-)


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