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How would it be, if MSV given a song to sing in IR's Music ? How would it be, if MSV given a song to sing in IR's Music ?

Topic started by kumarr (@ on Wed Nov 3 09:24:46 EST 2004.
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This is just a thought.

MSV, apart from singing in his own music, has also sung a few songs composed by other MDs.

I think, the first song, that MSV sang in another MD's music is

"Unakkena Kurachal.... Nee Oru Raaja... Vandhal Varattum Mudhumai"

Hope I am not wrong.

The music for the above song is by V. Kumar and the film is "Velli Vizhaa...", a Gemini-starrer.

This is the same film, where the hit song "Kaadhodu Dhaan Naan Paaduvaen..." comes.

After that, I remember, MSV singing two songs for A.R. Rehman

1. "Aalaana Kandaa Aaadalukku Thagappa Vanakkamunga..." (Sangamam) and
2. "Vidai Kodu Engal Naade.." (From the Manirathnam film, which contains also the "Oru Dheivam Thandha Poovae Kannil Thedal Enna Thaayae")

Apart from this, he has also sung the

"Mettu Thedi Thavikkudhu Oru Paattu" in the film "Kaadhal Mannan", an Ajith-Starrer,music for which is by Bharadwaj.

Of a few songs, which he sang in his own music, I am able to remember atleast the below-given two songs.

"Sollathaan Ninaikiraen; Ullathaal Thudikkiraen; Vaayirundhum Solvadharkku Vaarthayindri Thavikkiraen..." (A very good duet with S. Janaki)


"Sambo Siva Sambo... Jagamae Thanthiram...." (Solo in "Ninaithaale Inikkum")

Just, I am wondering, why did not Illayaraja give an opportunity to MSV to sing a song in his music
or atleast in the few movies, which he jointly worked with MSV.

Friends, your views please.


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