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Alaipayuthey they have in DVD?? Alaipayuthey they have in DVD??

Topic started by Dinesh (@ on Sun Jan 12 05:37:43 EST 2003.
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Alaipayuthey they have in DVD??


hey guys,is the alaipayuthey addings ( u know where shalini will be
wearing green saree with madhavan near the window touching his hair
with her thali in madhavan's mouth - bitting it ) do they have it in
the dvd??i mean i bought the original VCD and they dun have it ...i
guess that scene was in ALAIPAYUTHEY song..and there's even after the
song shalini & swarnamalya will be talking talking & go..that also
dun have..plzz help me!!

ps: can vcd played on dvd player??
can DVD played on VCD player??

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!


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