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Why do IR,KR and YSR use Bhavatharini to sing? Why do IR,KR and YSR use Bhavatharini to sing?

Topic started by Ravana (@ on Thu Dec 20 15:40:13 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I feel that she is the most awful singer that I have had the misfortune to hear.Her singing is awful and is lifeless.Why does her family keep giving her ample opportunity to bring down their efforts?The biggest culprit here has to be IR who continually subjects his audience to the endless screeching and off-key renditions by his daughter.KR is the second who tries hard to promote his sister but is fighting a losing battle!Just when I feel YSR has understood the effect of Bhavatharini's voice on his tracks,by not putting her on,he ruins that though by giving her a song.
She has sung many awful songs,but her most awful songs to date are
Sadugudu from MTV
Thendral Varum from Friends
Poothathu from PKP
Muththamida Vendum from Vanginathan
Nee Illai Endral from Dheena

Most of her songs are badly sung,so don't you think it's about time that she retires from TFM and allows us,the unsuspecting audience members,a chance to enjoy some good music?


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