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SPB Concert in London SPB Concert in London

Topic started by Khalid,London (@ on Wed Apr 21 17:28:54 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

From out of the unexpected I realised today that SP Bala is doing a concert at the Baylis Hotel along with Chitra, Udit narayan,Alka Yagnik,
and Kumar Sanu.
For 15 years I have been waiting to see SP Bala in England and now I have blown my chance.

I phoned the organisers and sadly found out that Friday,sat and sunday tickets are all sold out!!
What a shame, I have always wanted to meet and hear SP Bala sing live.

It really is a day for mourning today. I wish I hadn't realised this.
But there is an age old saying that you should nevr meet those you idolise! I guess I will just have to console myself with this!


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