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<b>Directors who ARE and WERE WITH Ilayaraja for their films</b> Directors who ARE and WERE WITH Ilayaraja for their films

Topic started by Jay (@ on Thu Apr 3 07:12:29 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Lots of years have passed, lots of good talents have been exploited in the industry, lots of Hit combinations arounsed curiousity in the minds of the people. Some of the Hit combinations of the 80's were:

Mani Rathnam and Ilayaraja
Bharadiraja and Ilayaraja
Fazil and Ilayaraja
Balu Mahendra and Ilayaraja
Balachander and Ilayaraja
P Vasu and Ilayaraja
Singeetham Sreenivas Rao and Ilayaraja

and many such hotshot directors with Ilayaraja.

The above list tops all other combinations. But, none but two of the directors seem to be with Ilayaraja.

Mani Rathnam, Balachander, Bharadiraja, P Vasu (Love Birds), seem to have left Ilayaraja. The younger crop of directors are either with Rahman, Yuvan or Vidhyasagar, but not many are with Ilayaraja.


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