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Hariharan's Nilavupaatu Hariharan's Nilavupaatu

Topic started by Vaali (@ on Wed Apr 9 11:34:32 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi friends,
I need a help, I'm just curious that whether there are any other 'Nila' songs from Hariharan than given under.
Pls let me know if it is so. And rate your best of this lot. I need to record a CD with Nila songs. So help is
will be appreciated. I've just 2 days to do so hurry up, if you don't mind

1 vennilave vennilave vinnai thaandi Minsara Kanavu
2 Vennilave vennilave nalla naal Kannan Varuvaan
3 Vennila veliye varuvaaya Unakkaage Ellaam Unakkaage
4 Rathiri veyil tharum velli nilave Appu
5 Nila kaaykirathu Indira
6 Nilavonnu paththikichu Ethirum Puthirum
7 Nilavu paatu Kannukkul Nilavu
8 Nilave nilave thaalam poadu Thai porandaachu
9 Oh vennila Ninaivirukkum varai
10 Kaathal vennila Vanathapole
11 Azhagana Kaathal nila Kaadhal Vedham
12 En Nenjil thoongava Kaadhal Vedham
13 Vennilave Vennilave thoongavillai Kaadhal vedham
14 Chinna vennilave Poomagal Oorvalam
15 Irupathu kodi nilavu Thullaathe manamum
16 Neeyillai nilavillai Poochoodava
17 Nilave nilave sarigamapadani Periyanna
18 Udayaathe vennila Priyam
19 Vannanilave vannanilave Ninaithaen Vandhaay
20 Vennilave vennilave vaanatha vittutu Rosappo Chinna Rosappoo



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