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How important are songs to TF? How important are songs to TF?

Topic started by Ravi (@ on Sun Mar 8 14:44:16 EST 1998.
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This discussion is going on as a digression in another thread. I thought it deserved a threadd of its own. itha vEra vEra shades-la eRkanavE discuss panni irukkOm. What role do songs play in TF? Mostly they are just hinderances to the development of the story line. But there have been sufficient examples of directors having used songs effectively to add to various situations in movies that I have to disagreed with Raja.M that songs are the bane of TF. Musicals in the western sense are rare in TF nowadays. Songs serve a different purpose in TF.. more of accenuators of feelings than as devices to push the story along.


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