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<b>TFM wants-Deva's Melodies NOT GAANA's</b> TFM wants-Deva's Melodies NOT GAANA's

Topic started by Saran (@ on Sun Dec 29 23:29:05 EST 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Deva is a music director who is very capable of melodies also, but God knows why he likes Ganna songs so much, which after hearing one feels like jumping before a local train.

Here is a collection of Deva's Melodies:

1) Rathiriyil Vennilavae-Appu
2) Ninaithal-Appu
3) Nalam nalamariya aaval-Kadhal Kottai
4) Kanavae Kalayaadae-Kannedhirae Thondrinal
5) July Malargalae-Bhagavathy
6) Yaar sollvathoa-Kushi
7) Manam virumbuthey-Nerukku Ner
8) Engengae engengae engae-Nerukku Ner
9) Aval Varuvala-Nerukku Ner
11)Ghatotkacha-Pammal K Sambandam
12)Sakalakala Valavanae-Pammal K Sambandam
13)Un peyar solla aasaidhaan-Minsara Kanna

Thats all I could call a Real Music of Deva. Any more songs please.

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