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Malaysia Star Nite- Why no IR songs? Malaysia Star Nite- Why no IR songs?

Topic started by OISG (@ on Sun Aug 11 04:02:24 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

The Star nite was covered by SUN TV.Billed as the ultimate show of strength & unity in Tamil Films,this show started with a MSV-Bharathidasan song.All most all the MDs songs were played.Even V Kumar s "Ehtir neechal" song was enacted.

But to my surprise there was not even one IR song throughout the show.The Show had Kamal,Rajini,VK,Sathyaraj,Karthik,Revathi for whom IR has given a lot of hit songs. I felt bad for IR. I have my likes and dislikes but sidelining IR in such a show is a shoddy treatment to one of the good MDs of TF.


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