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KV Mahadevan or MS Viswanathan - more melodic? KV Mahadevan or MS Viswanathan - more melodic?

Topic started by jayan (@ on Sun Apr 2 23:46:37 EDT 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Have been listening to both for years.

Have always found MSV's film songs, background music to be more imaginative, melodic. His songs have a nice flow from the chorus to the verses into the background music and back to the verses again. Also listen to the violins and other pieces of music in the background during/when the verses are sung.

KVM seems less versalite. Admit his graamiya tunes are great (e.g. film -Thai Porandha Vazhi Porakkum) but he sounds so abrupt, raw and less complete with modern tunes. Just listen to 'Nalla Neram'(except Nee Thottal) and 'Annamittakai' songs(Onnnana Onnnana Sollu Sollu is an example).

With MSV, 'Sivakamiyim Selvan' , 'Thrisoolam', 'Ulagam Suttrum Valibhan' have great sweeping tunes, mood pieces with great feel!

Do you think so?


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