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Accompaniment pieces in songs Accompaniment pieces in songs

Topic started by eden (@ on Sat Apr 17 01:59:54 EDT 1999.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Let's discuss another area of mastery in TFM. This does not refer to the fixed, compulsory interludes between pallavi / stanzas in songs. This refers to the seconds-long instrumental / humming pieces that are interspersed with the vocals. e.g. 1. In the `Idhu oru ponmalaippozhudhu', the flute piece that comes after `Ayiram nirangal Jaalamidum, raththiri vasalil kolamidum'.
2. The `thananana, thananana nanana nanana' in the concluding portion of `Ayiram thamarai mottukkale' by SJ.

Though these are not necessary as per the TFM `grammar' and often not used, they add to the beauty and enthralls you!

More listings please!


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