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Maddy be good Maddy be good

Topic started by - (@ on Mon Dec 24 09:03:23 EST 2001.
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The failure of Paarthalae Paravasam has been a tremendous set back for Madhavan. And to top it all K.Balachander supporters are blaming poor Maddy, for the failure, and they say that he interfered in the making of the movie. His dreams of making it big in Bollywood has also turned into a nightmare with the release of RHTDM. The grapevine has it that his future Hindi ventures are likely to be shelved.

But more shocking was Maddy’s fall out with ace cameraman P.C. Sriram, who actually introduced him to Mani Ratnam. Maddy, when he was signed for Alaipayuthe had promised to do Sriram’s directorial venture for a pittance. But he has been postponing the film, on one pretext or the other. Recently when Sriram cornered him, an angry Maddy said that he would not do it for less than Rs 50 lakhs!

Right now, he has two Tamil films, Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Muttham Itten and Vikram singh’s Acham Thavir. The former can make or break him and the latter is directed by yet another Mani’s assistant, Shiva kumar. And the rumour making the rounds is that after 25 days of shooting for Acham Thavir, where Jyothika is the heroine, Madhavan has asked for some changes in the story. He feels that the director under the instruction of the producer is making Jyothika’s role meatier than his.


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