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En jeevan Paaduthu - an underrated IR album En jeevan Paaduthu - an underrated IR album

Topic started by Anil (@ on Sat Feb 8 16:52:57 EST 2003.
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Happened to catch "En Jeevan Paaduthu" (starring Karthik and Saranya and direced by R. Sunderrajan) on TV a couple of days ago. The movie was alright but what completely blew me away was IR's music for this film. Underrated is what comes to mind when I heard the music to this film - very underrated. "Engirundo Azhaikyum"... sung by Lata Mangheskar(it's also sung by Mano and IR in separate versions) is the best song of the film. Wonderful interludes. "Ore Murai", sung by S.Janaki is another brilliant IR composition. "Katti Vaichako", by Malaysia Vasudevan and S. Janaki is a beautiful love song. So is "Mouname Mouname". "Kathal Vaniley" is another good song. All in all, one more movie to add to IR's long list of underrated compositions. Wonder why, however, this one didn't click with the audience. Looking at the quality of tamil movies today, "En Jeevan Paaduthu" plays out like a great film.


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