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ARR=longevity? ARR=longevity?

Topic started by R.Balaji (@ on Mon Sep 14 11:09:34 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi guys,
Recently I hada a chance to go india.-madras.
i could see the dominance of ARR in the film industry.After hearing "Uyuire"
I had to give up.
Man it was a very good album.I am an ardent fan of IR.If you see for the money worth then
you can be sure of it if you buy ARR's CD's.
He has lifted our tamil music to some different height whihc nobody has done before.I am
sureIR can never come up with unique tunes and music.He is great in his own style.I have to accept this.
I could see a major problem with ARR's music--longevity.That's it.ARR's music doesn't stand for a long many of you are hearing 'chikku pukku rayile"now.
Most of songs lack that long life.Since it is different it stands top on the racks for sometime and
we tend to forget it.ARR is trying to cover all the indians and become popular and for that he is
on his music.
I knew we have beaten this topic many times but I wanted to convey that ARR has brought the downfall IR.


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