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TFMS/V (TFMScreen/Video) memorable scenes TFMS/V (TFMScreen/Video) memorable scenes

Topic started by ELEGANCE, THY NAME IS SUBTELY (@ on Wed Apr 2 23:43:29 EST 2003.
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I was watching Idhayakkani. After the prelude, I was just struck by a simple but charming and well timed movement by MGR. When he sings Inbame MGR shifts his head sideways to and fro two times to lead the viewer to the oncomin rhythm. By the way, what a classic MSV number that was. Similarly, the song "Vadi Patti" folk dance by Gangai Amaran (fantastic job!) and SPSailaja in the film Veera Thalattu, the whole song dance sequence by Kushboo and the lead dance was nothing short of the best and charming. There are specific instances of unbelievable charmm in that song, Also see: Puthu Rosa Poo of Kadhal Parisu by Kamal and the female dancer, a great sequence with some split moment of excellences. Are there more such split moments of greatness?


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