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An underrated IR gem An underrated IR gem

Topic started by Anand (@ on Mon Apr 1 20:17:31 EST 2002.
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I was watching an old Karthik, Suhasini movie on tv called "Agaya Gangai" which had music by IR. The first two songs were above average (Mama Mama and Pongum Agaya Gangai). The third song of the movie, "Meyga Deepam..." is a very good song and shows IR's versatility. The last song, which comes near the end of the movie had me in tears. IR has to the greatest classical composer that I have ever known. The song is called "Theyn Aruviyil" which is sung brilliantly by S.P. Balasubranium and S.Janaki - I think. I would have to rate this song as one of IR's greatest classical pieces. Have any of you guys heard of this song? Please share your opinion.


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