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<b>What is these people's future as music directors in TFM?</b> What is these people's future as music directors in TFM?

Topic started by Jay (@ on Mon May 12 09:00:10 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

These are some people in TFM, who have an alternate profession like playback singing or composing ad film jingles, or music arrangement or sound engineering. But all of these people have proved to the people and the Tamil Film Industry that they are good music composers too. We have enjoyed their music too, but will TFM give them another chance?

They are:

1) Parasuram Radha-5 Star
2) Sreenivas-Ussele Ussele, Aye nee romba azhaga irukka
3) Ramesh Vinayagam-Aye nee romba azhaga irukka, Nala Damayanthi (coming in May end and film for June)
4) Praveen Mani-Little John
5) Raghav, Raja-Aye nee romba azhaga irukka
6) Aravind, Shankar-Aye nee romba azhaga irukka
7) Murugavel-Aye nee romba azhaga irukka


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