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Vidhyasagar Get National award? Vidhyasagar Get National award?

Topic started by 4574 (@ on Fri Nov 19 04:14:06 EST 2004.
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Recently i heard "Swara Abishekam" album, a movie directed by veteran K.Vishwanath in telugu. The album has 9 songs. All the songs are classical and melodious and sung by legends like SPB, KJY, Chitra, Mano, SP.Silaja. It has all the right elements to win this year's national award for best music. Strong contestants for the award would be "Swades" from bollywood and no much album worth the award from tamil, except there is little chance for "Autograph". In malayalam we have "Akale" from Jayachandran. And i don't know about music from other languages. To remind all, Illayaraja got national award for music of "Sagara Sangamam(Salangai Oli)" and SPB got best singer national award for "Sankarabharanam". Both the movies were directed by K.Vishwanath. So, i feel Vidhyasagar is going to bag next year's national awards.

Here is a complete revu on the album


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