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how does the whoele process of recording a song takes place? how does the whoele process of recording a song takes place?

Topic started by vijay (@ on Mon Oct 5 00:51:09 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

first of all, ravi avargale, i thought this question was too general to ask in the queries thread and also i thought the discussion might provoke a lot
of people who have seen recordings here to share their experiences and explaining the whole process clearly.
right from how the composer sets the tune and how he communicates to the singers to how he records the song, i wanted to know the whole thing. people who have seen recordings of IR or ARR, or who in general know what's exactly happening can contribute. iam especially curious to know details like how IR asks SJ to sing all those husky numbers and how he writes the score for percussion instruments etc.

any good guesses for the above queries would also be interesting.


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