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Raagas used with specific mention/ purpose/ knowledge Raagas used with specific mention/ purpose/ knowledge

Topic started by Karthik S (@ on Tue Apr 24 23:24:21 EDT 2001.
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Can you list specific instances in movies where a raaga has been used...

1. with a pre-determined plan to fit that raaga in the storyline

2. with a particular mention about that raaga in the movie in any scene, thereby showing the grasp of the director over his composer and knowledge of music

3. use of a specific raaga with a purpose

All 3 are to do with usage of a raaga with a purpose and complete knowledge of both the composer and director.


1. Lalitha raagam for 'idhazhil kadhai ezhuthum' in Unnal Mudiyum Thambi. Remember? Seetha's name was Lalitha Kamalam in the movie! I'm sure this was KB's idea! Or was it IR's?

2. Use of suddha danyasi in the same movie (punjai undu nanjai), it was mentioned later by Gemini Ganesan in the movie! Was it an afterthought by KB or was it planned?

3. The song 'azhaithaal varuvale' from Jadhi Malli..incredible composition by Maragathamani. The raaga names are in the song itself...Sriranjani and Sivaranjani and Mukesh mizes both to make Kushboo get over her anger. I'm sure this is KB's idea! But very well executed by Maragathamani!

4. The only instance with ARR (and a non KB movie) I rememebr is the mention of nattaikurunji by Mammooty at the end of the 'kannamoochi yenada' song in KKKK.

5. Film: Sigaramam, Music: SPB. SPB discusses about the Pilu raagam with his wife Rekha and then composes his 'vannam konda vennilave' number.

Any more interesting instances??


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