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S.A.Rajkumar 's Diwan Released... S.A.Rajkumar 's Diwan Released...

Topic started by suseendran (@ on Mon Aug 11 14:35:51 EDT 2003.
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Sarath Kumar is once again teaming up with producer P.L.Thenappan in his forthcoming film Diwan. Keeping in mind the duo formula always worked wonders, Sarath is playing dual role as that of Grandfather Doraisingham and grandson Raghavan.

The old man Doraisingam character is based on a true life person who lived in Thirunelveli years ago. Vadivelu is the companion to me and I have a humourous role explained Sarath on the village sets of Diwan during the lunch break.

Its out and out a commercial venture. Two duet songs with Sarath and Kiran were shot in foreign locales of New Zealand said the producer. The grandson Raghavan is not aware of the existence of his grandfather Doraisingham . He comes to know of his grandfather at one stage under a strange circumstances and the sequence of events that follow forms the story narrated Surya Prakash who directs the film. He is making his second film with Sarath after Maayai. Kanal Kannan has done the action choreography. Sarath has taken lots of risk in stunt scenes in this film than any of his recent films remarked Kanal Kannan.

Kiran is doing the main lead along with Sharmilee, Vadivelu, and Shriman. S.A.Rajkumar has scored the music. The film has all commercial elements to satisfy the masses assured Thenappan. The film is releasing on August 15th.


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