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<h4 style="color:green">Bharadwaj an Upcoming Talented Music Director </h4>

Bharadwaj an Upcoming Talented Music Director

Topic started by raj (@ on Wed Oct 31 01:36:22 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Bharadwaj Introduced in Saran's Kaadal Mannan
is Diong a Good Job in TFM.

He Gives Importance for the Instruments

some Of his Musical Samples are

1. Unnai Paartha Pinbu than
Kaadal Mannan-SPB
2. vaanum Mannum Katti Kondadhu
Kaadal Mannan-Hariharan+Chitra
3.Oru Poo yezhudhum Kavithai
4. Idarku Peyar than Kaadlaa
Pooveli -Hariharan
5. Nadiyil Saayum
6. Unai Paartha Kangal
7. Yenna idhu yenna idhu yen manadhu
Rojavanam Unnikrishnan+Anuradha sreeram
8. Maname Maname Thadumaarum maname
Rojavanam Srinivas
9. sattham illadha thanimai
Amarkalam -SPB
10.Megangal yennai thottu
11.Unnodu Vazhadha
12.Kaalam kalikaalam
13. Paarthen Paarthen
14. Yenakena yerkanave Pirandhaval
15. kedaikala kedaikala
Parthen Rasithen-Srinivas
16.Avar Avar Vazhkayil
Paandavar bhoomi-Bharadwaj
17.Thozha Thozha
Pandavar Bhoomi-Yugendran+Chitra Sivaraman

And the list continues

He's doing an excellent job..
Post u'r Views&comments


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