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Paarthale Paravasam - Masterpiece or An Experiment Gone Wrong? Paarthale Paravasam - Masterpiece or An Experiment Gone Wrong?

Topic started by Sathish (@ on Fri Mar 29 10:28:10 EST 2002.
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IMHO "Paarthale Paravasam" deserves much more praise than it got, and it, according to me, is one of the unsung masterpieces of A.R.Rahman which is not appreciated by many, for reasons I cannot comprehend. And everytime, one of the DF-ers start a fight, they quote PP as example for Rahman's recent failure. I personally think it is way ahead of what we have come to expect from TFM. Probably, that is one the reason why people dont want to face upto it. So, please throw in your opinions whether it is indeed a masterpiece or just plain crappy as some say so.


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