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Unsung Heroes Behind the Scene Role of a MD Assistant(s) Unsung Heroes Behind the Scene Role of a MD Assistant(s)

Topic started by UV (@ on Fri Nov 17 10:48:05 EST 2000.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Everyone of us like a MD of our taste.
But little are we aware that there is genuinely talented assistants who help the MD a lot.
In fact in many cases they actually run the show but the glory goes to the MD.
I dont want to bring up names but for example
A famous MD with name of Lord Indira has his brothers supporting him,Infact the entire orchestration like chords,rthym and overall arrangement is done by them without these brothers i dont think people would listen to his songs this goes for many people when director Bhagyaraj tried his hand on music it was these behind scene assistant who ran the show
There are exception like IR who himself was a assistant to MD Venkatesh later got into the limelight ofcourse IR has his own set of Assistants and same goes with ARR in their case they help them out but in the former case and some other MD these poor people never get their due share
What do you guys have to say on this?


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