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Influence of Thamizh devotional music & vice versa Influence of Thamizh devotional music & vice versa

Topic started by eden (@ on Thu May 9 05:58:36 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Both these streams of music used to have distinct identities for quite a long time (especially the devotional part- whether Hindu or Christendom or Muslim). Occasionally, TFM used to borrow some from the other stream - though not necessarily for the sake of movie situations alone. (e.g. Raja took tune of `dEvanE nAn umadhandayil' -a CSI song - to create `thAyumAnEn thanga iLamAnE').

However, the recent trend seems to be the other way around. Few days back I heard an Ayyappan song in a restaurant based on -rOja malarE rAjakumAri:-)) And on another occasion, I heard a CSI band playing in a marriage their devotional songs whose tune, music and orchestration could make ARR feel shy (believe me a few youngsters with an electric guitar, two drum machines & Roland / Yamaha keyboards were in full cry)...

Will the TDM genre disappear (or resemble TFM 100%) in the near future?


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