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Ilaiyaraja and Talvin Singh Ilaiyaraja and Talvin Singh

Topic started by Ahi (@ on Sun Oct 7 06:57:06 EDT 2001.
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I stumbled upon this when I was reading up about Talvin singh's debut album "OK", in his credits he acknowleges ILAIYARAJA,However there was no mention of him name on the actual Cd, does anyone out there know what contribution Ilayaraja had made to the album...

(following is the extract taken from)

O.K. took nine months to make, involving Okinawan and Indian singers, a string section from Madras, sarangi master Ustad Sultan Khan, trumpeter Byron Wallen, bass player BIll Laswell, guitarist Aziz Abraham, composer llaiyaraaia, young Indian musicians such as veena player Devi, flautists Rakesh Churasla and Naveen, vocalists Cleveland Watkiss and Shankar Mahadevan and actor Ajay Naldu,


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