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Pronounciation in TFM songs Pronounciation in TFM songs

Topic started by muthax (@ on Sun Sep 13 03:45:16 EDT 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Hi guys,

TFM has seen lots of singers from other languages. Some have/are
ruled/ruling the TFM for so many years. Many of these singers started
to sing in tamil without even knowing to read and write in tamil.
Still those songs have been a big hit, for the tune, lyrics and
ofcourse their talent to bring the emotion in the song. In quite a few
occasions i have noticed singers like KJY have missed some finer aspects
of singing a song - the Pronounication. Not to blame the singers
i feel the MDs of such songs shud have taken more care on the
pronounciation aspects of these singers.

In this thread i would like to mention few songs of K.J.Y where he
missed the pronounciation. This is *not to criticise* KJY or
any other singer. But just to discuss this aspect in singing a song.
I would like u all to mention other such song/singers u have come across

1. Senthazham poovil vandhadum thendral en meedhu modhudhamma
poovaasam medai podudhamma penn bolae jaadai pesudhamma

whereas it shud have been Polae

same song the line

2. Maravaen Maraven arBudha kaatchi.

where as it shud have been arPutha.

3. Ninaivaalae silai seidhu unakaaga vaithen
Therukoilae odi vaa....

whereas it shud be thru-koilae

same song
4. sendhoora bendham......

whereas it shud be sendhoora bandham

guys pour more singers and songs...



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