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Kaadhal Virus - a special review Kaadhal Virus - a special review

Topic started by Nazir (@ on Sat Aug 17 22:13:55 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Since we are used to DFers reviewing ARR albums, even before they listen to it, Here is a imaginary review of ARRs next album kaadhal virus


The song 'muthuraasa kattavaada' is totally spoilt by the new singer rita godrej. The song should have been given to Vanijayram, who is still has the grace,sophistication and total dedication. In fact all the TFM songs should be sung only by Vanijayram, the reigning queen of TFM(!!!)


Only one song to Doctor SPB..what a shame. nasal hariharan gets 2 songs and girly unnikrishnan gets one song. Same song is sung by our Dr SPB in telugu and see how good the song is. When will Rahman learn?

VCR@dhideer bhakti on

Why ARR is giving chance to Balram,SM,HH etc?
The song 'kannile minsaaram'(which i think should be for Abbas) must have sung by TMS or PBS. Singers like jamuna rani,jikki and LREswary are still has a good voice. IR never uses singer like SS,kavita krishnamurthy, eela arun,
asha bhosle, he always gives chance to veterans like TMS,PBS,Leela, seergazhi,tiruchiloganathan. When will ARR learn to give respect to such golden old singers?

all songs waste lah..he copy from maestro IR. IR always gives the best music . His daughter pavatharini too very good lah..whats his next album lah? i hear kamal produce one move in 2010 with IR music lah..all songs super.

I listened to this album for 50 times(no wonder no one is listening to IR albums since all his fins are busy listening to ARRalbums 50 times)all trash. This man has lost his talent. Not one song is good. His baba songs were good, but this one is trash.

well said unmaiyatravan the ARR fans are #*(@*@#(#@(*&%(&^% (fould language cannot be printed)


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