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Singing abilities(?) of our heroes/ actors Singing abilities(?) of our heroes/ actors

Topic started by vengayam (@ on Tue Jan 22 23:58:13 EST 2002.
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A long time ago singing ability was of paramount importance.MKT & PUC days> Then playback came into being & except for occassional foorray heoes have stopped lending their voices to the songs.exceptions are Kamal, Vijay. Of course Sivaji mouthed a couple of lines in a ew films, Karthik had sung a couple, rajini did one in Mannan,prasdanthin Paarthen rasithen. The results were uniformly uneven. Who amongst them is at least tolerable. Also Vaigai Puyal seems to have a good rural voiuce with a gusto for enjoying his lines - especially the old numbers any comments


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