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KAdu - The First Sci-fic Indian Film KAdu - The First Sci-fic Indian Film

Topic started by OISG (@ on Mon Dec 1 14:18:41 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I have always believed that hardly 5% of Bollywood Mission/Vision/Commission statements would pass thru lie-detectors.When Roshans announced Koi Milgaya as the first ever Indian Sci-fic film,my Antharathma cried "Andava!Bhojpuri,Oriya even Kannadathulu vanthirunthalum paravyillyepa.Eppadai Hindila varapaNNi Izhivai thedi koduthutheere ..PerumaLe"

Thru Anand Parthasarathy of THE Hindu en vaytril Pal varthar.


Now "Dakshinamoorthy and G. Ramanathan contributing the original music "brings the topic to this forum.

If Kodambakkam wishes to do such a film today what would be our expectations,possible story lines,star cast and ofcourse AR Rehman's score( ABBADA 2-Topic survival dose).

With already talks about Shankar's Robot( with Vikram )in the thin air and in sify's vayatherichal columns lets talk Science.

Saravanan,ennellam paatu "Kadu"la?


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