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Cassette Sales?? Cassette Sales??

Topic started by Jeera (@ on Fri Aug 30 13:01:42 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

From time to Time hear about so many cassette being sold?.
How far are these figures true?.
Is there an Organization in India which collects these statistics?.
When they talk about cassette sales are they talking about the number of cassettes released into the market (based on anticipation) or really sales of cassettes?.
When I was in India, most of the villages (tea shops and other public places where songs are played) had copied or duplicated cassettes (not the originals). Does this trend still continue?. If it does how do they come at this figure?.

Note: Please, there is no hidden agenda in the above questions?. All the above are genuine questions that arose in my mind?. Please keep this thread devoid any fan fightings.


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