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<b>New By A.R.Rahman</b> New By A.R.Rahman

Topic started by Dinesh (@ on Thu Nov 20 23:19:35 EST 2003.
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By Moviebuzz

After that blockbuster Okkadu, Mahesh Babu is back in
Nanni with S.J.Suryah, the hotshot director of Kushi.
Naani is said to be inspired from the Hollywood flick
Big and is a bilingual in Tamil and Telugu with an
entirely different star cast.

A scientist (Raghuvaran) does an experiment on an
eight-year-old boy and the boy turns into a
25-year-old youth. While the boy grows physically, his
mind remains that of a ten-year old. Mahesh Babu plays
the role of this boy turned man. A dog with two tails
and a 1 1/2 feet high coconut palm are supposed to be
the scientist's inventions in the film.

Amisha Patel plays the girl who falls in love with
Mahesh’s innocence and marries him, only to realise
that she has to teach him the first lesson of sex. The
scientist too coaches the youth how to go about his
first night, which is supposed to be hilarious. Oomph
girl Ramya Krishnan plays an important role as
Mahesh’s neighbour who lusts after him.

The film is produced by Mahesh’s sister Manjula under
Indira Productions Pvt Ltd banner and is presented by
superstar Krishna. The film also stars Manjula’s
husband who plays Mahesh’s father and Devayani as his
mother. The cast also has Raghuvaran, Sunil, Ali,
Brahmanandam, Nazar, Sunitha, Ashok, Dharmavarapu
Subrahmanyam, Ravibabu, Kota Srinivasa Rao and

The highlight of the film however are the lavishly
shot songs tuned by A.R.Rahman. K.V.Guhan is the
cinematographer, editing is by Sreekar Prasad, stunt
choreography is by Peter Hayen, and Anand Sai is the
art director. Raju Sundaram, Brinda, and Ganesh Hegde
are the choreographers. Story, screenplay and
direction are by S.J.Suryah.



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