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<b>What Makes AR Rahman Special</b> - Revised What Makes AR Rahman Special - Revised

Topic started by Tamilian (@ on Fri Jul 12 01:52:33 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

This topic was ORIGINALLY started by Tamilian (@ on Wed Jul 10 00:16:33
EDT 2002.

Due to the hijacking of the thread by ARR detractors, a lot of useful discussions were sent to old responses. The purpose of this thread is to remove all extraneous postings of the original thread and stick to the topic. I sincerely hope that this thread will be allowed to continue without unnecessary comments.
All ARR detractors are kindly requested NOT To post in this thread.

What makes AR Rahman really special? Why does his music cause so much excitement and flurry? What is the difference that AR Rahman offers that no one else offers.
From his first movie Roja, ARR has caused a HUGE impact on listeners of popular Tamil songs.
Since then each of his movie and songs are closely inspected, loved, tasted and exalted.

Let us take his maiden song, Chinna chinna aasai. What sets this song apart from the 100s of songs of this genre?

Is it the new voice? Is is the impeccable music arrangement? Is it the haunting melody? Or is it just simply oozing of class?


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