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<b>A R Rahman and Ilayaraaja created a RIPPLE EFFECT when they arrived-Yuvan did not</b> A R Rahman and Ilayaraaja created a RIPPLE EFFECT when they arrived-Yuvan did not

Topic started by Jay (@ on Wed Jan 29 08:13:35 EST 2003.
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When Maestro Ilayaraaja came into the industry, with Bharadiraaja's, Annakilli, it created unrest in the Tamil Film world and the film and its music went to to become big hits and Ilayaraaja had arrived. Quite soon he was popular among the Indian Filmdom. His market was nearly down in 1990, when A R Rahman came. By then Rahman's ad jingles were already popular in the households, but Roja created the stirr. (The Leo Coffee (Arvind Swamy) ad directed by Rajeev Menon, had A R Rahman's music).

The entire country noticed A R Rahman through Roja. It was path breaking and broke all language barriers. The film, Roja was dubbed in 5 languages, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi and Malayalam. Today A R Rahman is internationally known and is popular and he also venturing into Hollywood films.

But not many know which is Yuvan Shankar Raja's first film. His music is popular only among the Tamilians and at the most a few South Indians. Yuvan did not create any ripples like his father or Rahman.

So, you can never say,

Yesterday: Ilayaraaja, Today: A R Rahman, Tomorrow: Yuvan Shankar Raaja

The correct statement would be:
Yesterday: Ilayaraaja, Today: A R Rahman, Tomorrow: God decides

Yuvan in this birth cannot achieve what his father or what A R Rahman have achieved. He would be doing only Tamil, Telugu or Kannada films. Karthik Raja atleast did 2 Hindi films, doubt if Yuvan will make it to Bollywood also. He can concentrate on Tamil films, he will do well only in Tamil.

Sensible people please comment in decent language please.


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