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Rank Rahman albums of last 3 years Rank Rahman albums of last 3 years

Topic started by New_kid_on_the_block (@ on Sat Jun 14 00:03:36 EDT 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Many people claim Rahman did not compose much in the last 3 years, and whatever he did compose did not compose well. But there are enough albums to give a good(bad?) to bad (worst?) ratings. Here lets have some fun till the release of Boys (hopefully good).

My rating:
1.Kannathil Muthammitaal. (a decent album)
2.Udhaya. (an underrated album, I feel)
3.Baba (3rd class music, for sure, but I enjoyed it and I still do).
4.Parasuram (only bcoz I like it better than no.5)
5.Kadhal Virus (dont remember much except for 1 or 2 songs)
6.Alli Arjuna (Shingalinga is a sweet song)
7.Star (I like this better than 8)
8.Paarthaley Paravasam (a rank bad album after 4 hits in 2000).


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