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More of IR's underrated brilliance More of IR's underrated brilliance

Topic started by Rajiv (@ on Mon Jul 8 22:22:29 EDT 2002.
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I saw a movie on TV the other day called Bhagavathipuram Railway Gate - *ing Karthik and Rajalakshmi. The movie itself was above average but what really had me in awe was the music by Ilayaraja. How does this man do it? The songs in the film has to rank as one of Ilayaraja's most underrated songs. "Thendral Kaatrum", sung by Sasirekha (I think), is a beautiful track all the better with her beautiful voice. "Samba puthu Samba" is the only average track here. "Aasai Nenjil", sung by S.P.Bala is one hell of a song. It had me in tears. One of S.P.'s overlooked songs. Amazing vocals by S.P. as well as instruments used by Raja. The song is even picturised wonderfully by the director of this movie. Finally, the best song in the movie is "Kaalai Nera Kaatrey Vaazhtu Chellu". The song totally blew me away. In my sincere opinion, if I had to pick ten underrated songs of IR of all-time, this song would rank number one in that list. Deepan Chakaravarthi (I love his voice) and S.P. Shailaja are absolutely wonderful in this brilliant IR composition. Also, picturised wonderfully. All in all, this is one soundtrack that all of you must hear. Have any of you guys had the pleasure of listening to these songs? I like to get your feedback on this.


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