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<b> Bombay Dreams - The success story continues </b> Bombay Dreams - The success story continues

Topic started by Saiyaan (@ on Wed Jan 1 08:20:38 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

A.R.Rahman's Bombay Dreams is continuing its dream run in London's west end by grossing over £10 million. So the musical with a budget of £4.5million has so far grossed more than double its expenditure.
And now its been confirmed that Bombay Dreams is being taken to USA(Broadway),Canada(Toronto) etc.

Lets celebrate this great success story by a humble man from Chennai,the Mozart of Chennai, A.R.Rahman.

And one man for whom no words of praise are enough is Andrew Lloyd Webber, who introduced this music genius from Chennai to the whole world.

Lets discuss the universal conquest of Bombay Dreams in this thread.

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