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13 magic comments by A.R.R 13 magic comments by A.R.R

Topic started by siva (@ on Tue Oct 8 05:06:50 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

here is the article :

CHENNAI: Guess what? Simran was bitten by Kadhal Virus. And she is only happy to spread it around.

It happened at the Devi Complex in Mount Road on October 2. A bespectacled Simran, much to the delight of the fans, released the music album of Kathir’s Kadhal Virus. The ‘‘first copy’’ was received by directors Shankar, Vikraman and Bharathiraja.

Music director, A R Rahman, made one of his rare public appearances. When his turn to speak came, the usually stage-shy Rahman, had this to say: ‘‘When music and visual jell well they create magic. Till date I have only 13 such magic to my credit.’’

Topnotch Kollywood producers present include A V M Saravanan, and Ibrahim Rowther. The actors of Kadhal Virus, Richard and Abbas were also present.

The cassette is priced at Rs 45 and CD at Rs 145.


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