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When Will our TFM guys get world recognition? When Will our TFM guys get world recognition?

Topic started by Travis (@ on Sat Apr 7 21:13:48 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I wonder when we have so many wonderful composers and out-of-the-world singers, what prevents one of our guys from hitting the charts in say UK or US? I wish the day comes when someone from our folks win a Grammy.... I am left to wonder, when so many b******t boy bands and rappers, with no singing (forget composing)abilites at all getting the fame and fortunes, they dont deserve, when tfm guys (actually the whole indian music industry) deserve it than anybody else... What prevents singers like balasubramaniam or yesudas from releasing a pure world album..? their diction perhaps? Though i want them to do more for tfm, as a sincere fan, I do want them to be a cult like madonna or mj, the world over. This is something they deserve.. no?
Only hariharan has done colonial cousins stuff but i am not sure how much their albums are popular outside the nri s.


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