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Evolution of Interlude music in TFM ...and the differences Pre and Post IR era Evolution of Interlude music in TFM ...and the differences Pre and Post IR era

Topic started by Prabhudas (@ on Sat Apr 3 17:34:28 EST 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I wanted to start the discussions about this topic for a long time, What was the period really the interludes were introduced as part of song composition, as I don't know if the classical carnatic music structure in vocal / instrumental if ever had any defined interlude pieces as part of krithis/songs, or was it an adaptation from western music ( not classical)
also the pre MSV era had sort of stereotyped interludes and repeat interludes between charanams. I really wanted some body discussing the interludes by Maestro IR which every one will agree is sort of poineering/breakthro' from covention especially for the instruments usage/arrangement and ofcourse more than that the billions of emeotins/feelings coveyed thro his magical interludes and preludes
I am sure some senior and more knowledgable TFM forum participants will be able to contribute to this discussion



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