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Anuradha Sriram's MS Thesis was ‘Illayaraja As A Phenomenon In Tamil Music Culture’ Anuradha Sriram's MS Thesis was ‘Illayaraja As A Phenomenon In Tamil Music Culture’

Topic started by Fliflo (@ on Sun Jan 21 13:50:07 EST 2001.
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I was browsing the web. Got some interesting info.
Giving some excerpts from Anuradha Sriram's Interview:

You are basically a classical singer. Was it by coincidence that you became a playback singer?

Yes. I had not planned to become a playback singer. I was doing a Masters course in Ethnomusicology in the US, where I had to write a thesis. I chose ‘South Indian film music’ as my study material. There was not much documented data on South Indian film music, except for some published articles. This in spite the fact that film music is so popular. I was in awe of Illayaraja, who ruled the South film music for two decades and I took him up as my case study. For a music director to become the most important man in the production process of a movie is something great. So I took up Tamil music culture for my thesis, and named it ‘Illayaraja As A Phenomenon In Tamil Music Culture’. In the process, I also studied the various activities involved in the making of a movie. Also, I trained in opera and jazz, and did a course in voice culture under the guidance of Sherly Mayor. Then I decided to give film music a try, and approached AR Rahman. After a month, he offered me the song Malorodu, in the Tamil film Bombay.


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