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Do we need a new sound in TFM? Do we need a new sound in TFM?

Topic started by Normal Man (@ on Sat Sep 1 22:27:40 EDT 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Looking at the recent albums released (sans a few), every one of them seems to sound repetitive, a rehash of an old song or an abrupt copy of a particular composing and arrangement style. An example to quote would be the songs in 12B and Majnu, which are not only inferior in lyrics delivery, but also an abrupt copy of ARR's style. Similarly the songs of Poovelam In Vaasam has a strong influence of IR's old tunes (Kaadhal Vandadhum..... song is the tune of "thaalatu kekadha per ingu yaaro..." a Ramarajan movie song). This stlye has kind of become stale, because there is not much of innovation but for technical innovation in recording. I personally feel this constitutes only 10% of a song's longevity. For sure, new sounds were tried by IR (in Guru, Bharathi and Hey Ram) and ARR (Dil Se and Iruvar). But I think there is a terrible need to rehash and overhaul current TFM's state. What do you think people and whom do you think will show the way for this?


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