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ARR's 10th Anniversary in TFM - A Decade of Fans ARR's 10th Anniversary in TFM - A Decade of Fans

Topic started by A Constellation of ARR Fans (@ on Tue Aug 20 11:40:13 EDT 2002.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

It is a known fact that with Baba, ARR has marked his 10th year in TFM in a Big Way.
The beneficiaries of this prodigy's talents, tat’s us the fans, have decided to call for Celebrations in a Big Way.
Hence, a Constellation of ARR Fans from the TFMPage Forum got together and took a walk down memory lane, through each year of A Decade of Rahmania.

The fruit of our labour saw the creation of a whole new Website, "10 Years of Universal Conquest", in Dedication to ARR.

Rahman - The Indian Music Wizard - A Composer's view - by UV

1992 - The Dawn of a New Age - by ROTFL

1993 - His Best Year in the Tamil Film World - by Bharath

1994 - En mel Vizhuntha Malai Thuli - by OISG

1995 - His Second National Conquest - by Cosmician

1996 - Western namakku Vilaiyatu - by Cosmician

1997 - Rahman captures Poo Pookum Osai - Joint effort

1998 - Sandhosha Kaneere - by WN

1999 - The Magician's Spell - by CP

2000 - The Magic Continues - by CP

2001 - The Right Recipe for the New Millennium - by Are Yaar

2002 - Inspiration for a New Generation - by Magix

We invite all of you to join us in the celebrations.
We’d also like to thank TFMPage admin, RR & bb, for their support.

If you wish to add your contribution to any of these pages, you can send them in by email to the website coordinator.


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