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<b>Actor Arjun, sings for A R Rahman in PARASURAM</b> Actor Arjun, sings for A R Rahman in PARASURAM

Topic started by Jay (@ on Thu Apr 3 07:10:20 EST 2003.
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A R Rahman has always been lucky for actor Arjun. His blockbuster film, directed by Shankar (debut for Shankar), Gentleman, was a run away hit. Arjun who had done 40 Kannada films and 20 Telugu films and a couple of Tamil films came to limelight only after Shankar's Gentleman. Then came, Mudhalvan and Rhythm, which were damn good musically too. Arjun has always proved himself as one of the finest actors and still looks quite young though in his 40's. He has also proved he can be a good director, though not the best with; Vedham, Jai Hind, Ezhumalai and now Parasuram. (Formerly, known as Ashoka and then Chanakya and confirmed the title with Parasuram. Parasuram was to be directed by Malayalam director, Shaji Kailas, but now Arjun has directed it. It stars, Arjun, Kiran, Gayathri Raghuram, Raghuvaran, Rajeev, Goundamani, Kalabhavan Mani and others. The music is by A R Rahman and lyricist Vairamuthu. The movie planned as a big budget film is supposed to have an aggressive schedule.

It seems 7 songs were recorded for this film long back and a song has been replaced with another one, which has been sung by Arjun himself. It is also rumoured that Arjun is composeing music for a movie that he is directing. Arjun, though being a Tamil actor for a long time, he is not cent percent successful in hiding his Kannada accent. I can make out because I am a Kannadiga too. Hope, that dores not reflect in his singing too. Anyway Arjun we welcome you. It seems that Arjun's Arasakshi, starring Arjun, Lara Dutta and S.Vee Shekhar, will have music by Ramesh Vinayagam.

The lines of the song, penned by Vairamuthu, went like this:

..chittukuruvi aruviyai
....kudikka paarkudhu,
..pattaampoochi vaanaththai
....vilaiku kekkudhu

This was sung by Arjun along with Swarnalatha. After the recording of the song Rahman hugged him in appreciation and praised Arjun's singing. Arjun has been beaming ever since!

Read details and pictures of Parasuram here:

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