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Most romantic lyrics Most romantic lyrics

Topic started by ramakris (@ on Sun Nov 25 13:26:01 EST 2001.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

I am trying to see what are the songs with the most romantic lyrics. My favorite is "Vaa vennila" in Mella thirandhadu Kadavu and the verse "malar pondra paadam nadakkirnra poodhu nilam pole unnai naan thanga vendum" is something every 10th std boyw orth his love letter can relate to. It is definitely a far cry from the condescending and misogynist "Kaanchi pattuduthi.. mamiyaar pottranum" crap that actually passed off as being romantic less than a generation ago.
Although I have high regard for Kannadasan in the love/sex arena, many of his songs again tend to treat women as objects rather than as partners. Worse, he had this habit of introducing himself rather indiscreetly into the couple's relationship ,an unwarranted love triangle. Witness how in "Chippi irukkudhu" in "Varumaiyin niram sivappu", he writes "kavingyar idhayam konjum", an obvious reference to himself. The ultimate display of mega ego is of course his autobiographical "Oru koppayile en kudiyirruppu". Only Kannadasan could get away with such outrageousness!

OK pardon me from digressing from the topic.. I have high regard for Kannadasan overall..

Anyway, please nominate your favorite romantic song. Not just based on technical merit, but ones that caused you to blush, develop goose pimples, itch or whatever..
Ladies are especially welcome to post their choices so that we men can come up with better pick-up lines..


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